Better Ways To Say I don’t Like It

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Learn better ways to say “I don’t like it” in English.

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Stop Saying I don't like it

Better Ways To Say I don't Like It

It’s an advanced English lesson. And we’re talking about better ways to say “I don’t like.” 

So these are advanced English polite ways to say, I don’t like something.

Let’s get cracking with these. And it’s split into two parts. One part is dealing with when you maybe perhaps don’t know the people so well, so what would you say?

And then some phrases where you do know the people or you know them a little better. 

Let’s start with those people you don’t know so well.

So you’re going to be a little bit more polite, and you’re probably going to be a little bit more formal.

it’s not my thing

Meaning: it’s not something you usually do, but you don’t want to insult them


Thanks, but no thanks. It’s just not my thing. It’s not something I usually do.

I’m not into that

  • I’m not into bowling
  • I’m not into sports
  • I’m not into pop music

Meaning: it’s not something you’ve got a great interest in


Thanks for the invitation but I’m not into horse racing at all.

I’m not a fan

Meaning: I don’t like it that much


I’m not a fan of horse racing.

I’m not a fan of sports in general. I really don’t take to sports so much.

Better Ways To Say I don't Like It

Better ways to say I don't like it in English. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglishnglish

it’s not my cup of tea

Meaning: I like other things


Thanks for asking but it’s not my cup of tea.

Harry said that going to horse racing is not his cup of tea.

I’d rather not

Meaning: (more formal) use it if you want to refuse an invitation


I’d rather not. The last time I went to the opera, I fell asleep. But thanks very much for thinking of me.

that’s not for me

Meaning: that’s not what I like


That’s not for me. I’m afraid I have no interest in volleyball. I prefer to sit at home and read a book.

I’m not crazy about that

Meaning: (less formal) something doesn’t appeal to you


I’m not crazy about getting in the car and driving for five hours on the motorway in this traffic.

sth (just) doesn’t tickle my fancy

Meaning: something doesn’t amuse you, it doesn’t excite you


I guess it works for some people but it just doesn’t tickle my fancy. I like the original movie.

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So these are the expressions when we’re talking to somebody who we don’t know quite so well.

And we want to tell them in a nice way in a polite way that we don’t like it.

  • it’s not my thing
  • I’m not into that
  • I’m not a fan (of that)
  • it’s not my cup of tea
  • I’d rather not
  • that’s not for me
  • I’m not crazy about…
  • that just doesn’t tickle my fancy

polite ways to express a negative opinion

It was interesting.

Meaning: It was boring.

It was different.

Meaning: It was boring.

It was an experience.

Meaning: I don’t want to repeat that.

Better Ways To Say I don't Like It

Better ways to say I don't like it in English. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglishnglish

If you know someone a little better

You can be really stronger with your language. Put more emphasis on the words that will tell your partner or the other person exactly what you think.

So there won’t be any room for misunderstanding when they use those sorts of phrases in English.

I can’t stand that type of movies.

I loathe that actor.

I really loathe that type of documentary.

I despise him.

I cannot stand that.

I loathe opera.

I despise board games.

I hate wasting time in the rain chasing the little white ball around a golf course.

So there are better ways that you can say I don’t like it in English. They are more polite. And that all adds to your advanced English speaking.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed those. And hopefully, you can put some of that into practice.

This is Harry saying goodbye. Thanks for listening if you need to contact me, please visit and check out online English lessons on Zoom and Skype.

Always happy to hear from you. Always happy to get your comments. Join me for the next lesson.

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