Phrasal Verbs with PUT and Their Meanings

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Learn phrasal verbs with put with meanings and examples. Put by, put up with, put off and more. The video lesson includes unusual phrasal verbs with put.

Start using these advanced phrasal verbs in your English speaking and sound much more natural.


List of phrasal verbs with put

English Phrasal Verbs with Put

Phrasal verbs are a big part of the English Language. They are an informal form of language but can also be used in more formal communication like business letters and reports.

Here are some common and unusual phrasal verbs with the verb PUT.

put off

We use this phrasal verb when we wish to postpone cancel or delay a meeting or similar appointment. It can be used to postpone the meeting for a short time or a longer period or indefinitely.


Irene asked if we could put off the lesson until she was feeling better. She would contact me in a few days to rearrange.

The rain was heavy and had not stopped for at least two days. The concert would have to be put off until another date.

We can also use PUT OFF to mean that we may not like something or somebody because of something the person said or because of some action.


The extra cost of getting these PCR tests and other tests will put you off travelling.

Sara quite liked Antonio but she was put off him by her friend who told him he could not be trusted.

Julia was going to climb the volcano but was put off when she heard that the volcano had shown some signs of being active!

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

put aside

We can use this in quite a few ways. If we want to save some money for a special purpose (a future holiday, perhaps) or event we often save that money in a special bank account. Here we say we put aside some money each month.


Anton was buying a new apartment. The apartment would be completed in about 6 months. He decided to put aside some of his salary each month to purchase the new furniture he would need.

We also use PUT ASIDE to try and get some people to begin talking to each other after some misunderstanding or argument.


Don’t you think it was about time you put aside your differences (whatever your argument was about) and try to improve your relationship?

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Phrasal Verbs with PUT

put up with

We use this phrasal verb to explain a situation when we have to accept some situation that we would prefer not to. It could be a visit from somebody we do not particularly like or a work situation that we would prefer not to tolerate.


Catherine had put up with her husbands’ drinking for many years. She finally could not accept it any longer and told him if he did not get the help she would leave him.

put up with meaning - video lesson

put down

Literally to put down is to place or replace something you have picked up.


I picked up the package and put it down on the table.

However, it has other meanings and uses. It can refer to the way in which we stop an animal from any further suffering if it has had an accident or is seriously ill.


The dog was in great pain. It would not survive. The vet believed the best thing for everybody was to put it down (put it asleep).

We can also use PUT DOWN to refer to how we can humiliate or make fun of somebody by using clever words or jokes. We often see this on television when comedians make fun of politicians.


Charles was always very careful not to say the wrong thing at the staff meetings. At the last meeting, someone asked whether bonuses would be paid and the boss put her down with a very sarcastic joke. Everyone laughed but the person was really embarrassed.

Phrasal Verbs with PUT

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put down

also means to make a note or to write down


I made every one of my son’s football games because I’d committed to it and put it down in my calendar.

And finally, PUT DOWN means to pay a deposit for something, for example, your new car, your new apartment (house), your summer holiday or flight tickets


We put down a deposit on a house last week.

A PUT-DOWN is also a noun. It was a very witty put-down. Notice how it is written differently:

PUT DOWN – phrasal verb

and PUT-DOWN – noun

put down to something

Meaning: believe something is the reason why something else happened


This heavy rain; and these tropical type weather effects have been put down to climate change.

The kids are really misbehaving today! I just put it down to excitement; they’re getting ready for their holidays. 

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put something about/around

Meaning: to spread some information, gossip or rumours


Sarah put a rumour about that David was getting divorced.

There’s a rumour being put about by some people that the internet is going to be closed down.

A rumour has been put around that the country is going to increase the taxation by 50%.

put across

Meaning: express your opinion or idea clearly and effectively


How do we put across to the people that we want them to buy our new product?

I just want to put my message across. You know, you are not supposed to do that.

Phrasal verbs with put

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put forward

Meaning: suggest something; submit something for consideration


Would you mind if I put forward some ideas?

John and Mary were planning their holidays. One of them put forward the idea to go camping.

put someone out

Meaning: disturb someone, interfere in some way with what they were doing


I need you to prepare some documents for an important meeting. I hope this won’t put you out.

put someone through something

Meaning: give someone a difficult time (you don’t want to do but you have no choice)


This illness puts you through some difficult times.

We’re going to relocate to the suburbs. We are really, really sorry for having to put you through this.

put together

Meaning: assemble, build, create something


If you get an invitation to his home, he always puts together a wonderful meal.

put someone up to something

Meaning: persuade someone to do something that they don’t want to do


Jennifer put me up to this. She told me that I should do it, and it would be very funny.

So all of these are phrasal verbs with put. There are many, many more. Some very, very simple ones. These are some that are a little bit more difficult. Hopefully, you’ve understood those.

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