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English Verb To Take

The English verb TO TAKE (past tense – TOOK) has many different meanings and uses.

Learn English phrasal verbs with take

Here are some of the uses of this verb:

1. To take –  remove or steal something

e.g.  He took the book from the shelf to look at the cover. (=to remove) or

He took the money from the table when no one was looking.(=to steal)

2. To Take down – to write some notes

e.g.  When the teacher was talking he took down some notes to understand the meaning.

3. To Take – to wear a particular size in clothes/shoes

e.g. -What size shoe do you take? –Size 10, I have big feet.

-What is your dress size, madam? -I usually take a size 8.

4. To take it easy – to relax and do nothing

e.g. You have been working hard all week you should take it easy for the next few days.

5. To Take a break – to have a short holiday/rest

e.g.  He booked a spa resort for his wife and himself. They wanted to take a short break before the busy season started.

6. To take a shower or bath – to wash or bathe.

e.g. They were going out for dinner so he took a shower and changed his clothes when he came home.

7. To take – to accept something

e.g. Does this shop accept credit cards?

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