IELTS Exam Preparation Course

How to pass English Proficency Tests successfully?

Do you want to pass IELTS exam successfully or TOEFL with high score ? A great way to prepare for an English Proficiency Test is to take our IELTS exam preparation classes.

IELTS exam preparation classes are designed for ESL learners who are planning to go to college or to work in the countries where English is the main language of communication. Success in IELTS exam opens the door to new exciting opportunities all over the world. IELTS certificate is recognised in more than 8,000 institutions worldwide, including government agencies and professional educational organisations. Furthermore, it is one of the English language exams that is recognised by immigration authorities.

IELTS Test Format

Both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training test all four skills:


4 sections
40 items
30 minutes


3 sections
40 items
60 minutes


2 tasks
150 and 250 words
60 minutes


11 – 14 minutes

Prepare for English Proficency Tests

IELTS exam preparation classes by Skype are suitable for students who have already achieved B2 (upper-intermediate) level in English. This course places emphasis on developing proficiency in English and filling knowledge gaps you might have. Our Skype English lessons are aimed at bringing your competency in English to level C2 (expert) as soon as possible.

Our native English teachers will start with analysing your current level.  After that they will set your goals and develop an individual learning plan. Your progress will be monitored closely so the learning plan can be adjusted if necessary.

IELTS Exam Preparation Lessons Will Include

Reading is the part of IELTS exams preparation


Reading texts of different genres.

Listening is the part of IELTS exams preparation


Listening to the recordings on test topics. Answering questions.

Writing is the part of IELTS exams preparation


All aspects of essay writing in English.

Speaking is the part of IELTS exams preparation


Assisting you with your vocabulary to improve your conversational English. Practice.

Freedom of Choice

We are not committed for any language exam board. As well as IELTS, our Skype English classes will help you with preparation for a wide range of English tests and exams - TOEFL, TOEIC, CAE, FCE, CPE, PET. Online lessons are built around course textbooks for your chosen exam. Each lesson you will practise reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.

Modern Technology

In our Skype English classes we use a wide range of instant messengers so you are not only listening but also reading and writing. This makes remembering new English vocabulary easier. We also use previous exam tests as a means to prepare for all examinations that you will undertake. All training materials are provided to our students free of charge.

You are free to choose any English proficiency test you like

Succeed in IELTS

Face your IELTS English Test in confidence with help from our professional native teachers and achieve the score you desire. Book IELTS exam preparation lessons now.