Conversational English Lessons via Skype

Conversational English Lessons

Our conversational English lessons will help you to become more proficient in spoken English. They will also build up your confidence when speaking with natives.

You understand it but you can’t speak English fluently? Are you nervous talking to native speakers? The majority of ESL students tend to have less difficulties with the grammar exercises and also the vocabulary. It is true that speaking could be the hardest skill to master for ESL learners. In a school classroom English language level among students can vary significantly, which makes it difficult for many students to start speaking English. Native speakers in everyday life speak very fast and have no patience for you to speak. If you can’t understand what people say, it is difficult to have a proper conversation.

Our conversational English lessons by Skype are aimed at overcoming the language barrier. Without using your native language you will be motivated to speak up. Lesson plans are built on communicative language approach. Emphasis is placed on active communication and development of oral comprehension skills.

Discussion Topics in Conversational English Lessons

News discussion in English conversational lessons


British culture discussion in in English conversational lessons


Food discussion in conversational English lessons


Discussion about society in conversational English lessons


Talking about movies in conversational English lessons


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Our Conversational English lessons will help you to:

Think like a native speaker

Learn to think the way native speakers do. Stop translating sentences from your native language, trying to think what tense to use.

Improve english comprehension skills

You will learn to identify different English accents. You will have no difficulty adjusting to any pronunciation and comprehending what others are saying.

speak English fluently

You will improve English speaking skills and will be able to express yourself clearly.

Conversational English lessons with us are well balanced. The teacher will create an individual learning plan for you based on your goals and level of English. The program may be built on traditional ESL textbooks (for example, Headway and Cutting Edge) together with a variety of resources such as newspapers, reviews, podcasts, video clips and also authentic teaching aids. We will pay particular attention to pronunciation, new vocabulary, English grammar structures, and common expressions of the modern English language such as idioms and phrasal verbs.

Home assignments are an integral part of all successful English lessons. Your teacher may give a homework assignment to review the lesson or to reinforce previously learned skills. Homework will not be over demanding as we know you all have busy lives away from us. However, it will help cement your knowledge and put into practice what you learn with your teacher.

Your spoken English will only improve through practice, practice and more practice. It is really important to practice speaking with native speakers regularly, even once a week. This way you will achieve the results you want.

Keep practising and book your Skype conversational English lessons!

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