Business English Lessons

Why learn Business English with us?

Business English lessons are aimed at ESL learners who are working or preparing to work in an international environment. The main goal of this course is to develop communication skills and improve your professional English vocabulary and grammar. As an employee, learning business English can open up new career opportunities for you. Employees who speak two or more foreign languages are more likely to secure a position in international businesses.

Do you want to attend business meetings with renewed confidence or get that dream job? In addition to lessons in conversational English and English proficiency exams, we also provide business English online course by Skype. Whether you wish to learn English business writing rules or polish your presentation skills, we have native English teachers who can’t wait to help you achieve fluency.

Our business English lessons will concentrate

on the following topics

Business English communication

  • Making presentations
  • How to structure a presentation
  • How to keep the attention of the audience
  • Trade negotiations
  • Marketing and financial jargon
  • Clarification of facts and figures
  • Communication with colleagues
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Customer care

Business English writing

  • Formal and informal
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Memos and minutes
  • Instructions

Business phone call in English

  • Starting and ending a call
  • Making and confirming arrangements
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Teleconference

Business English lessons - achieve your goals

It’s easy to learn English as these courses are more flexible than standard courses, and Business English lessons can be tailored to your requirements (e.g. legal English, marketing and sales, investments).

Our business English courses are based on the well-known textbooks New Market Leader by Pearson publishing company. These books have been developed in cooperation with the Financial Times magazine. Textbook chapters were built around specific themes (e.g. marketing, business ethics, project management). Using real-life situations will stimulate students to expand their practical language skills and gain an advantage over the competition.

More and more companies are taking a global approach making English their language of communication. It means that companies can communicate in English efficiently and effectively with their partners, customers and suppliers. As a result, a growing number of companies are requiring their staff to improve their English language skills. With our Business English courses you can take your business English to the next level.

Our Clients

In addition, we offer business English classes for companies interested in language training of their employees.

Our online courses and language training materials are tailored to the needs of your company. With our business English classes your employees can rapidly improve English language skills. They will be able to interpret data, interact and converse with clients, and also use specific business English vocabulary for internal and external meetings.

We can also prepare your employees for BEC (Business English Certificates) exams. Contact us today to find out more!