Other Words for Beautiful

Learning other words for beautiful will help you build a better English vocabulary. This is vitally important if you want to progressin your level of English.

In my short video lesson you will learn 5 other words for beautiful. Of course, there are other words that you can use in English instead of beautiful. For example, perfect. You can say ‘the view was perfect’. However, perfect doesn’t describe the aesthetic look of someone or something.

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Other Words for Beautiful

Hi there. I’m Harry and welcome back.

Today, I want to talk to you about the word beautiful but in a way we’re going to show you different words, alternatives or, as we say in grammar, synonyms that you can use instead of beautiful in English.

The English language is full of wonderful words but you get bored quite often when you use the same word over and over again.

For example, you go on a holiday.

Oh it was a beautiful holiday.


The view was beautiful.

The meal was beautiful.

The swimming pool was beautiful.

So gets a little bit boring. What alternative words can you use?

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Luckily, when we use the word beautiful, we can use it with a thing or with a person. So we can use it with a thing – a tree, a view as beautiful.

We can also refer to a person – he or she as beautiful. Okay.

So what alternatives can we use?

Well, we can use words like


So how was the view from your balcony?

Ah it was gorgeous. Yeah, you could see the sunset in the distance. Really really gorgeous.

Did you see the dress that she was wearing?

Yeah it was gorgeous, a really beautiful color and it really looked well on her.


Or we can use


Now, wonderful we’d normally use with a thing.

So the view was wonderful, the swimming pool in the hotel was wonderful.

It was a 25-meter pool. It was crystal-clear water. It wasn’t too busy. It was really wonderful.

Other Words for Beautiful

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Okay. We can use


Again here we can use this both with what (the thing) and who (the person).

So how was the view off the balcony?

Ah, it was absolutely stunning. You couldn’t ask for a better view. Looking out over the
sea looking at the wonderful mountains and background really really quite stunning.

And how did she look on her wedding day?

Oh, she was stunning. She had the most beautiful dress really nice cream colour. Really really classic.

Okay. So another word that we can use is 


That somebody who is beautiful can be very good-looking.

They can also be


These words are much more suitable to people rather than things.

We wouldn’t refer to a view for example as good-looking.

We refer to a person as good-looking.

  • a good-looking man
  • a good-looking woman
  • a good-looking family

Yes, we could also refer to

an attractive woman

an attractive man

an attractive looking family

So these were words that would be much more suitable to the person rather than to the thing. Okay.

So these are alternative words for beautiful. So we’ve looked at:

  • gorgeous
  • wonderful
  • stunning
  • good-looking 
  • attractive

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Okay. So join me again soon.

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