Learn English With The News

Learn English with the news. Throughout this English lesson, you’ll also learn new advanced vocabulary that will help you sound more fluent in English.

In addition to vocabulary, you’ll also improve your grammar and pronunciation, helping you to improve your overall English skills.

This lesson is perfect for anyone looking to take their English abilities to the next level and is a great resource for intermediate and advanced learners. 

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Advanced English Vocabulary

Learn English with the news

In this particular advanced English lesson, we’re taking a look at the news.

So I’ve got a news article that I’ve taken from The Guardian newspaper, and I’ll give you the link in the description below. So you’ll be able to read it yourselves. So what I’m going to do is read it, okay? And then I’ve highlighted some words and expressions.

And I’m going to explain those to you in a little bit of detail so that when you read it yourself, you won’t have to look up the internet, you won’t have to look up a dictionary, but you’ll get them from me. So you’ll be able to follow along with the article. 

This is an article based on a very topical idea at the moment about all this artificial intelligence and, in particular, about this Chat GPT. Here is the link to the article 

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So here are some of the words that I’ve highlighted and what they mean.

to blight

Meaning: to spoil, damage, or ruin something


The share price was blighted by the negative publicity surrounding the company’s recent scandal.

The insects invaded and blighted the crop, leading to a substantial loss for the farmers.

to carry on

Meaning: to continue doing something


Even though the audience had started to leave, the speaker carried on speaking.

The teacher walked into the classroom and asked the students to carry on with their work.

to plunge

Meaning: to decrease rapidly or significantly


The share price has plunged drastically following the announcement of the company’s poor financial results.

After the news of the scandal broke, the company’s reputation and sales began to plunge rapidly.

Learn English with the news

Learn English with the news. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish

to be rattled

Meaning: to be disturbed, upset, or unsettled by sth


The unexpected news of his father’s death had completely rattled Jack, leaving him in a state of shock and disbelief.

After narrowly avoiding a car accident, Mary was visibly rattled and had to take a few deep breaths.


Meaning: with a mistake, faulty in some way


The study’s flawed methodology led to inaccurate conclusions being drawn from the data.

The detective’s investigation was deemed flawed due to the lack of evidence and unreliable witness testimonies.

to prompt

Meaning: 1. to stimulate action/response; 2. to remind someone to do or say something


The evidence presented to them prompted them to say that they were wrong.

If an actor forgets their lines on stage, a prompter standing on the side of the stage will be there to prompt them.

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to point out

Meaning: to indicate


The tour guide will point out the famous landmarks and attractions during the sightseeing tour.

During the presentation, the professor would often point out key concepts that the students should pay attention to.


Meaning: very thorough, in detail


Next time they launch something, the company should conduct more rigorous testing to avoid any potential issues.

To ensure that a car meets the required safety and performance standards, it undergoes a rigorous testing process.

a wider release to the public

Meaning: make something available to a broader audience beyond a limited group


After receiving positive feedback from beta testers, the app developers decided to do a wider release to the public.

fail to reassure

Meaning: unable to provide the necessary comfort or confidence to someone


The police failed to reassure us that they would find our car.

The company’s statement regarding the security breach failed to reassure its customers.

Learn English with the news

Learn English with the news. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish

key backer

Meaning: provides significant support, influence, or funding to a particular project


The success of this project is heavily dependent on securing the support and investment of key backers.


Meaning: huge, immense, or wide in scope, extent, or size


A vast amount of rain fell over the last few days, resulting in widespread flooding in many areas.

A vast amount of snow was necessary for the French and Austrian Alps to enjoy the ski season.

to compose

Meaning: to create or produce something


She composed a compelling argument that convinced even the sceptics.

As an author, it can take months to compose a well-crafted novel with fully-developed characters and a compelling plot.

So there you go. That’s the news article. As I said, it’s taken from a Guardian newspaper.

I’ve highlighted some of the words. And often when you read a newspaper article, these journalists are using language that perhaps you might not use on a day-to-day basis because it’s good quality, very good quality English, but it may not be the natural English that you and I would use if we were sitting over a cup of coffee and discussing ChatGPT.

But these vocabulary words will help you to use language, particularly for essay writing, particularly for exams like IELTS or CAE. So it’s important to understand the words, and it’s also important to know what they mean. 

So if you need any more information, you know where to contact me: www.englishlessonviaskype.com. Very happy to help you. If you want some more news articles like this, just let me know and we can include them in future lesson plans.

This is Harry thanking you, and thank you for watching and listening. And as always, remember to join me for the next lesson.

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