Key Business English Phrases for the Workplace

Learn key business English phrases for the workplace. Improve your business English fluency and speak confidently in a professional setting.

We cover the top 10 phrases that you’ll hear almost every day in the office. These phrases are essential for anyone working in a professional environment. You’ll learn how to use each phrase in typical work situations, helping you communicate more effectively with your colleagues and sound like a native speaker.

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List of Workplace Jargon

Key Business English Phrases

Today, we’re learning about business English, especially the special phrases used at work.

We’ll look at ten important phrases you might hear in the office. I’ll explain each one, showing you how they’re used every day at work. Some phrases might sound strange at first. But I’ll give you examples and situations to make everything clear.

As we go through each phrase, try to think of ways to use them when you talk at work. If you practice them often, you will get better at business English. You’ll soon find it easy to use these phrases naturally when you’re working!

drill down

Meaning: to examine something in more detail, usually to uncover more complex or precise information about a larger topic


The accountant decided to drill down into the financial reports to understand the discrepancies better.

Can you drill down into the overhead costs and give me a detailed report by tomorrow?

Can you drill down into how many people landed on our homepage last month?

go the extra mile

Meaning: to do more than what is expected or required


She always goes the extra mile to help her team meet their deadlines.

Please give me a situation where you went the extra mile with a customer.

They went the extra mile to attract customers by adding unique features to the new product.

Key Business English Phrases

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give someone a heads-up

Meaning: to inform them about something in advance or to provide them with a warning or notification


Make sure to give the team a heads-up about the new product we’re launching on 1st October.

I wanted to give you a heads-up that a client might close their account due to budget cuts.

keep someone in the loop

Meaning: to ensure that a person remains informed about what is happening


The boss went on holiday but asked to be kept in the loop in case any urgent issues arise.

You know how to handle this customer, but just keep me in the loop.

bring something to the table

Meaning: to provide something of value or usefulness in a situation


What does he bring to the table? Honestly, he hasn’t contributed any new ideas in months.

What is he bringing to the table? He seems to be very expensive. Are we sure he can deliver?

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hit the ground running

Meaning: to start something energetically and enthusiastically, without any delays


We expect you to hit the ground running and immediately contribute to our ongoing projects.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time training me. I will hit the ground running.

think outside the box

Meaning: to think creatively, beyond the usual ways of considering an issue


We always do the same old campaign. Why don’t we try and think outside the box?

We need someone to step back, think outside the box, and return with a fresh plan.

touch base

Meaning: to briefly make contact with someone to update or discuss an issue


I’ll touch base in a couple of days to see what progress has been made.

No, nothing yet. They have to go through some other proposals, but I’ll touch base with them this week.

Key Business English Phrases

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bring somebody up to speed

Meaning: to update them with the latest information or developments so they are fully informed


I just thought I’d bring you up to speed on what happened in your absence.

Let me bring you up to speed. I had an important meeting last week that you should know about.

The boss likes to have a weekly meeting where each team member brings him up to speed on their current projects.

be on somebody’s radar

Meaning: someone is aware of or considering something


I’m worried I’m on his radar for the recent errors in the report.

After the job agency approached me, I realized I was on their radar for the new management position.

Okay, so this is all about advanced key business English phrases used at work. Try using these. Practice them. If you don’t understand them, don’t worry.

You can always look them up in a dictionary to find out what they mean. Or, you can contact me at, and I’ll help you understand better.

Thank you for watching this lesson, I really appreciate it. This is Harry saying goodbye, join me again soon.

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