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Making a Hotel Reservation in English

How many times do you travel internationally or overseas and need to stay in a hotel?

Do you know how to make a hotel reservation in English?

The following dialog might assist you.

How to make a hotel reservation in English


How to make a hotel reservation in English – dialogue:

A: Good morning reservations, can I help you?

B: Yes, please. I am visiting London next week and I need a hotel near the city centre.

A: Yes, sir. We should be able to accommodate you. What is your date of arrival?

B: I arrive on the Monday the 13th around lunch time .I am flying into Heathrow Airport. How long does it take to travel from there to the city centre?

A: Well, it depends how you travel, sir. If you take a taxi, depending on traffic it could take you about 1 to 1 ½ hrs. However, if you take the underground it will take you about 45 minutes. There is an express line to Paddington Station and then you can join the rest of the underground network and get into the city centre that way.

B: Thanks, that’s a great help. I will take your advice and travel by underground. Now in relation to the hotel, what can you offer me?

A: Would you like a single or a double room?

B: I like some extra room so I would prefer a double room.

A: Ok, sir. I have a hotel in the Paddington area close to the train and underground station. It’s a double room with an en-suite bathroom. There is a mini bar and breakfast is served as part of your room charge. How many nights will you be staying?

B: I leave on Thursday 16th so I need three nights. What is the price?

A: The room charge is £165.00 per night inclusive of breakfast. The room is on the 10th floor so less noise from the street traffic.

B: That’s excellent. I will take it.

A: Can you give me your details, please? Please give me your name and address. What time will you arrive? Check in is anytime after 2pm and check out on your day of leaving is 10 am.

B: That all sounds good. I will check in when I arrive in the centre, probably around 2.30pm.

A: Fine, sir. You will need to give your credit card to the receptionist on arrival. I will send you a confirmation now. The address and directions from the train station will be attached.

B: Thank you, that’s all I need. You have been a great help, thank you.

A: No problem, sir. I hope you enjoy your stay and your visit to London

B: Thank you. Good bye.

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Now check your understanding.

Do you understand the dialogue? Answer these questions and see how many you get right. All the answers are in the text.

1. Where was the businessman travelling to? Which airport?

2. How many days/nights would he spend in that city?

3. What time would it take him to travel to the city centre?

4. What type of room did he require? Why?

5. What was the price of the room per night?

6. What other facilities were provided in the room?

Hotel reservation in English – other common phrases

To make a reservation – to book a room in a hotel

Vacancy (availability) – rooms are available

To check in – to report one’s presence or arrival. when you arrive at the hotel you check in to your room and give your details

To check out – to leave a hotel after paying and returning your room key

Mid-week (middle of the week) – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Special offers might be available in the mid-week.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) – breakfast included in the room price

En-suite bathroom – bathroom that is adjoined with the room

Fully booked (booked out) – no rooms are available

Valet parking – if you bring a car the hotel will provide parking for you. They will take the car from you on arrival and bring it to the main entrance when you wish to leave.

I hope now you won’t have any problem making a hotel reservation in English. Wherever you are staying, hopefully it won’t be similar to Fawlty Towers Hotel! (“Fawlty Towers” – popular British comedy series)


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