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Homes and buildings vocabulary – Where do you live?

Where do you live? An apartment in the city, out in the suburbs or in a village in the country? Here are some words and phrases from homes and buildings vocabulary to talk about your home.

Homes and buildings vocabulary for conversation

Lucy lives in the big city, close to work. She shares an apartment with her friends Sam and Beth. They pay the rent and the bills between them. Their landlord Jim fixes the repairs and looks after the apartment.

Lucy’s sister Cathy lives in the suburbs, with her husband David and her two children. They live in a semi-detached house and they have a garden for their children to play in. Every day David takes the train to work in the city centre.

Lucy’s mother and father live in the country. They have a big detached house with five bedrooms and a large garden.

LUCY: I like living in an apartment in the city. I can walk to work or take the bus. It’s great sharing the rent with my friends. I couldn’t afford an apartment on my own. It’s much too expensive for a single girl.

CATHY: I don’t like the city. It’s too noisy and there’s so much traffic. We like living in the suburbs. There are shops nearby and good schools for the children. We have a semi-detached house with three bedrooms and a large garden. There’s enough space for guests to stay.

JOY: I’m Cathy and Lucy’s mother. I don’t like the city or the suburbs. I prefer living in the country. The air is clean and the roads are quiet. People are friendly in the country. Everyone is too busy in the city. We love having visitors and have a spacious guest room upstairs.

Homes and buildings vocabulary

Detached house – a house that stands alone.
Semi-detached houses – a pair of similar houses, joined together.
Apartment – a self-contained set of rooms in a large building.
Rent – a monthly payment for living in a property.
Suburb – a residential area close to the city, with good transport links.
Landlord – the owner of the property who rents it out.
Spacious – a large living area.
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