Learn English Word related to Courage

I have been reading a story with some students concerning explorers. A famous Irish/English explorer from the 1900’s was a man called Ernest Shackleton. He led an expedition in 1915 to the Antarctic without any of today’s modern equipment and although they did not succeed in their original plan he did save all his men after a very courageous journey.

Do you know any other English words related to courage? Well as always, in English we have plenty of words and phrases which can be used in different circumstances.

Superhero - learn English words related to courage

English Words related to Courage

BRAVE: Used when a person carries out an act that others would not attempt or when a person faces up to a difficult challenge.

He was very brave to tackle the robber he could easily have been hurt.

COURAGEOUS: We use this word when somebody demonstrates an ability to control their fear in a dangerous or difficult situation. They have or show courage.

It was courageous of her to stand up to her boss in that way.

BOLD: Again used when somebody makes a statement or carries out an act of great courage.

The Prime Minister made a bold statement that all corruption would be wiped out in the next two years.

DARING: We often use this word to describe an act of real bravery that captures peoples’ imaginations.

The magician attempted a daring escape from a locked box. He was handcuffed and blindfolded and had very little oxygen.

HEROIC: This comes from the word hero and so describes an act of bravery by a hero or heroine.

He scored four goals and his team won the cup final. It was a heroic performance by one man.

GALLANT: Often used when describing a way in which men show great attention towards women. He open the door for the woman. He stood up as she entered the room. All acts of Gallantry and chivalry.

He was indeed very gallant.

STAND UP TO: An informal phrase used when someone confronts aggressive behaviour from other people.

He stood up to his boss and refused to dismiss the secretary for just a simple error.

Another informal word is Plucky. Often used to describe someone who does something you might not expect even though he might fail. The team was only an amateur team but they put up a very plucky performance against the premiership team before eventually getting beaten by the only goal in the game.

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