English Words and Phrases Connected to Winter

Here you will learn English words and phrases connected to winter. Practice your reading comprehension with a short text. Learn English idioms related to winter and watch a short video lesson.

Winter vocabulary in English

English Words and Phrases connected to Winter

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When you hear the word “winter” what do you normally think of? The most common English words and phrases connected to winter are snow, Santa, Christmas, dark nights, wrap up warm, hot chocolate…

Intermediate to Advanced English Marathon

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Well, we are here again and what a quick year it has been! The clocks go back (the time is adjusted to wintertime), depending on what part of the world you are in, on Saturday night/Sunday morning (28th /29th October) so we will now be faced with (you will now experience) dark evenings as the nights close in (days become shorter and the nights become longer) and winter begins.

The upside (advantage) for many is that we enjoy an extra hour in bed! So all is not so bad!

We usually have many jobs to do to get ready for the winter.

For me I have to get out (take out of storage) the winter clothes.

Put away (put into storage) the summer tee-shirts and shorts replace them with warm jumpers, shirts and thick socks. The winter hat and heavy coat are also ready and in case we have early snow or lots of rain the winter boots are also cleaned.

The heating will be turned on in most rooms and the radiators checked to make sure they are working. I have already switched (changed) my breakfast so I am now enjoying a warm bowl of porridge with honey instead of the muesli I eat during the summer.

The car is also checked and again depending on where you live you may be considering putting on your winter tyres. This can be a little troublesome (difficult).

You have to take the spare wheels/tyres from the balcony or storage room, pack them into the car and then go to the service station to get them changed. This involves waiting in line (queuing for a while) until it is your turn.

Of course, if you are really well prepared you might have made an appointment (fixed time) and so avoid standing in line too long. Once the car is checked and the wheels changed you are all set. Thoughts then switch to a winter holiday perhaps?

English Idioms connected to Winter

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Here are some useful English words and phrases connected to winter:

chill out

Meaning: We use this when we want to relax or unwind after a difficult day.


I love to chill out in front of a warm fire and a glass of wine.

snowed under

Meaning: Used to refer to the fact we have lots to do and have no time for anything else.


I would love to go to the match with you but I am snowed under at work and have no time.

put something on ice

Meaning: When we want to delay something for a little while.


That idea is great but we do not have time to do it now. Can we put it on ice until the new year?

on thin ice

Meaning: You’re in a situation where you’re in a little bit of trouble, not sure of your point or at risk of making a mistake.


He had missed his wife’s birthday as he was on a business trip, if he missed their anniversary he would be on very thin ice!

to wrap up warm

Meaning: To put on warm clothes (hat, scarf, gloves) against the chill of winter.


It’s cold outside, wrap up warm!

out in the cold

Meaning: to be left out, ignored or not included


We need to tell Sam about our plans for that evening. We can’t leave him out in the cold.

Don’t forget your personal check-up. Vitamins and exercise are essential for a healthy winter.

Wrap Up Phrasal Verb Meaning

to wrap up meaning - video lesson

English Vocabulary Words

the clocks go back – the time is adjusted to winter time

to be faced with – to experience something

the nights close in – days become shorter and the nights become longer

upside -advantage

to get out – take out of storage

to put away – put into storage

to switch– to change

troublesome – difficult

waiting in line – queuing for a while

appointment – fixed time

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