21 English Verbs connected to Movement

Here you will learn 21 English verbs connected to Movement.

Each of us has a different set of legs and arms and eyes, and we move in different ways. So let’s have a look at which verbs we can use in English to describe our movements.

I also have a separate post for 6 different words for Walking in English so make sure to read that one too. 

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English verbs connected to movement

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21 English Verbs connected to Movement

bend down

to lean down, to move closer to the ground

ex. She dropped her pen, so she bent down to pick it up.


to follow someone in order to catch them

ex. ‘Stop!’ she shouted as she chased the thief through the park.


to use your hands and knees to go up on something

ex. From an early age, it had always been his ambition to climb Mount Everest.

Intermediate to Advanced English Marathon

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


to go somewhere in a great hurry

ex. He dashed across the street to catch a bus on the other side of the park.


to jump a short distance

ex. Kangaroos don’t really run, they hop.

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to push yourself off a surface and up into the air using your legs

ex. He had to jump across the stream as there wasn’t a footbridge.


to walk unevenly because of having a damaged leg or foot

ex. He was limping really badly after being kicked on the ankle.


to walk with a steady regular step

ex. The soldiers marched proudly through the streets.

pick up

to lift something up, to collect and put things away in order to make a place look tidy and organised

ex. Don’t leave your clothes on the floor! Pick them up!


to travel on something. For example, you can ride a horse or your bicycle

ex. Riding your racing bicycle in the mountains is an amazing experience.

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English Verbs connected to Movement


to move something in continuous contact with a surface

ex. There was ice on the pavement and the children were having fun sliding down it.


to move or walk unsteadily as if you are about to fall

ex. The drunken men staggered home along the pavement.


to be in an upright position

ex. There were no seats left in the room by the time we got there, so we had to stand at the back.


to jump a long distance

ex. He had to leap over the gap to reach the other side of the hill.


to use your hand and make something to go through the air

ex. The children kicked the ball into our neighbour’s garden and asked him to throw it back to them.

English Verbs connected to Movement


opposite to throw. If someone throws something to you, you catch it

ex. Jim stood there ready to catch the ball.


to move the top part of your body in a particular direction

ex. He leaned against the wall with his arms folded.


to move yourself closer to the ground with your legs bent under your body and keep your weight on your heels

ex. I have read that you have to squat to have great legs.


to straighten your arms and legs to their full length

ex. It’s important to stretch after your workout, it reduces muscle tension and increases relaxation.


to take hold of something with your hand in an abrupt or rude way

ex. He grabbed my wrist and twisted it painfully.


to hit hard with your fist

ex. He grabbed me violently and then he punched me in the chest.

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