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English phrases to help you looking after your visitors

We are always excited at the news (!REMEMBER! – News is uncountable: one piece of news or several pieces: always News!) that a visitor will come. Particularly relatives and family who we may not have seen for a while. You cannot wait for the day to arrive (you wish it would happen immediately).

However with the announcement of such a visit we begin to panic (worry that everything will be ok]. The house or the apartment gets a Spring Clean (cleaned from top to bottom). Bed linen is washed and cleaned and everything is prepared in readiness for the State visit! (an important visit).

English phrases to help you welcoming visitors

On the day of arrival (the day agreed for their visit) the fridge is filled with tasty food and you set off (leave your house) to meet your guest at the train station or airport. You are anxious (worried) that you will not be late or held up in traffic (delayed) so you leave a little earlier than planned. Everything thankfully goes according to clockwork (with out delay) and you get to the destination or pick up point (place where you are due to meet your guest) on time.

Then you spend some nervous minutes pacing the floor (walking up and down) waiting for sight of your visitor as they step off (get off) the train or walk through the arrivals door in the airport.

Greetings are exchanged in your normal way (kisses or handshakes and hugs or embraces). You lend a hand with the luggage (help to carry some) and guide them to the car or taxi. The atmosphere is friendly warm and emotional. Stories are told and gossip and chit chat exchanged (news about friends and family). Everyone catches up with each other (find out what has been happening in their lives since you last met).

Alas (unfortunately) the visit is over too soon and they depart as quickly as they arrived but you are left with fond memories of a few days spent together. We wish them farewell (safe journey) and send them on their way with a handwave and a few tears of sadness. Until the next visit!

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