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English gardening vocabulary

If you have ever visited England or watch movies and TV programmes based in the UK you will be familiar with their love for their gardens big or small.Of course it is not just a “British” thing and many people in a variety of countries enjoy spending a few hours in the solitude (quietness or peacefulness) of their flower or vegetable garden.

I am not a gardening fanatic nor is it a passion but I do enjoy the relaxation it brings. My garden is mostly grass or lawn (lawn usually refers to grass that is shaped in a particular design: square or oblong, grass is usually where it is just allowed to grow wild). I love to see the green grass particularly after I cut it or mow it. The smell of freshly cut grass is still as pleasant as it was when my parents did it when I was young.We use a lawn mower to cut the grass. Most lawn mowers are either electric (suitable where the area is small) or a “sit on” mower for very large areas of grass.

English gardening vocabulary

Around the typical garden you will see flower beds. These are patches of earth or soil cultivated (cultivated means to prepare the soil carefully by digging out weeds adding fertilizer to get the best from your plants) so that flowers plants and bushes can grow. They are looked after also and carefully weeded (to remove nettles or other vegetation that does not flower) to remove those weeds that spoil the look or the view or might stop the flowers growing.

If a garden is not so big and the space is limited people can also create a nice mini garden using plant pots (a container in which you place some soil/earth and plant a flower) and other type of containers that will add colour to a balcony or a patio (very similar: a balcony is usually attached to an apartment to provide some additional room and a feeling that you can sit outside your home even on the 10th floor! And a patio is usually a piece of land attached to a house (ground level) that is made of wood or covered in concrete on which you can place pots and planters (another name for a flower pot). These are very common now in cities where space is at a premium and large gardens
are seldom provided or people live in apartments.

Owning a garden is a lot of work, cutting grass and weeding but it provides you with exercise, freedom and a nice place to sit when the work is done.

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