10 Different words for WALKING in English

Learn 10 different words for walking in English. Ducks waddle when they walk. Some babies crawl before they walk.

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10 Different Words for WALKING in English

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It was such a lovely day today that I went for a walk with both dogs, own dog and my neighbours’ dog that I am looking after for a few days. We did not go too far or too quickly as both dogs are a little old. 

There are several different words for WALKING in English, we can use them to describe different types of walking.

Intermediate to Advanced English Marathon

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

to shuffle

Meaning: to move your feet in very short movements without lifting them properly


Extremely heavy weights around his ankles made it difficult to walk as he shuffled his feet along the corridor.

to stagger

Meaning: to not walk in a straight line; to put one foot in front of the other and then wobble to the side


The drunk staggered along the road trying to find his way home.

to limp

Meaning: to not put your weight on one leg; to drag that foot a little bit and move very very slowly


He fell off his bike on the way to the supermarket and had to limp home.

10 Different Words for WALKING in English

to waddle

Meaning: to walk like a duck; with shorts steps swaying from side to side


Tom’s uncle was very overweight, he waddled rather than walked.

to meander

Meaning: This really means to walk without any clear objective.


We meandered aimlessly for hours in the warm summer sun.

to stroll

Meaning: Usually when there is no definite plan or direction to the walk.


I strolled along the river bank without a care in the world.

to hike

Meaning: A much more energetic walk usually in the countryside, in the hills or low mountains.


I went on a hiking holiday last year in the lower Alps it was very tiring but extremely enjoyable.

to power walk

Meaning: You really have to walk quickly and firmly to maximise the benefits. The arms swing in sequence with your legs. It is recommended as a way to lose some extra kgs!


The guys in the village go for a power walk twice a week for 1 hour.

10 Different Words for WALKING in English

to wander

Meaning: Similar to meander, we use it to describe a stroll, meander or just drift around.


I wandered around the shop and spotted a few potential Christmas gifts.

There is a famous poem written by famous English poet William Wordsworth “I wandered lonely as a cloud…”

to ramble

Meaning: I like this word as it describes not only how we might walk but sometimes how we talk!


I was rambling in the forest looking for mushrooms but did not find any.

Some more informal words to also describe walking casually include: to knock around, roam and mooch around.

Now if you would like to invite your English speaking friends to your walk you can say “Let’s go for a stroll after lunch.” They will be really impressed!

Other Words for WALK in English

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