C1 English Verbs To Improve Fluency

Learn C1 English verbs and improve your fluency in English.

You can speak like a native English speaker with these advanced English verbs! Particularly useful for English proficiency exams (IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, CPE)

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list of C1 English verbs

C1 English verbs to improve fluency

Hi there, this is Harry and welcome to advanced English lessons with Harry.

What are we going to talk to you about today? Well, we’ve got some advanced English verbs. So these are specifically for those people who might want to go a little bit further with their English.

These verbs are typically C1 and C2 verbs, and I’ll explain to them in every detail what they mean and how to use them.

to scrutinise /ˈskruː.tɪ.naɪz/

Meaning: to look at something really, really careful; to study something in great detail


He scrutinised the face of his competition very carefully to see if there were any weaknesses.

Please scrutinise your exam paper to make sure you’ve put in all the details before you hand it in.

He scrutinised the report line by line.

The expert spent hours scrutinising the painting and came up with the conclusion that it was original.

to hinder

Meaning: to slow down, to prevent from making progress


There was a lot of traffic on the road that hindered my progress.

His progress was hindered by the diversion in the high street.

His career was hindered because he had to take two years’ leave of absence when he was extremely sick.

He hurt his leg when training for the marathon, and it hindered his training programme quite a bit.

C1 English verbs to improve fluency

C1 English verbs to improve your fluency. Online English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Click the link and book your free trial lesson at englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish

to remunerate /rɪˈmjuː.nər.eɪt/

Meaning: to pay somebody, to reward them for doing a job


He was remunerated for his hard work when they paid him a very substantial bonus.

So from this word remunerate comes remuneration.

What is the remuneration? What is the payment for this particular job?

to nurture

Meaning: to look after in a very kind, gentle and loving way


The female cat nurtured the litter of newborn kittens that were born last week.

We nurture our children when they are born. We nurture them for many, many years.

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to deteriorate /dɪˈtɪə.ri.ə.reɪt/

Meaning: to get worse, or to drop down in levels or to a level that is really unacceptable


They announced that the bins are only going to be collected on a Wednesday. The service has deteriorated.

The service on the buses has also deteriorated. There’s been a lack of investment.

The patient’s condition has deteriorated slightly over the last 24-36 hours.

Meaning: to rot

The plants deteriorated completely after 11 days in the high pH solution. 

to articulate

Meaning: to explain something very clearly and in an understandable way


He articulates himself very well, particularly when he’s making presentations. He’s very clear and easy to understand.

Please make sure you articulate all the words so that people can hear them very clearly.

He is really good on his feet. He’s one of those natural speakers. He’s very good at articulating points.

to embrace

Meaning: to wrap your arms around somebody, pull them close to you, and give them a big squeeze


When she came down the stairs, he embraced her with a large hug. He hadn’t seen her for two years.

They embraced each other at Christmas time.

He always embraces his kids and grandchildren when he sees them.

Meaning: to accept something enthusiastically


He embraced the change.

He embraced the new management in the company.

to liaise (with) /liˈeɪz/

Meaning: to contact, to discuss, to ask questions, to find out in a fairly professional way


The Department of Foreign Affairs liaised with the authorities to ensure all necessary permissions were in place.

They liaised with the Foreign Department of the British office to find out what had happened to the missing people.

Who is going to liaise with our new business partners in China? We need somebody who understands the language.

Who will liaise with the solicitor in this matter? This legal case is going to go on for several months, and we need somebody with a legal background to liaise with them.

C1 English verbs to improve fluency

C1 English verbs to improve your fluency. Online English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Click the link and book your free trial lesson at englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish

to accomplish

Meaning: to be successful to reach some goal, to achieve something


He accomplished four promotions in the space of seven years. He was a star performer in the company.

He accomplished all his exams in record time. So he achieved top marks right throughout his university course.

to grasp

Meaning: to understand, to work out something


He wasn’t able to grasp the concept. I explained it to him several times before he really understood it.

Meaning: to hold tightly


He grasped my arm and squeezed it tightly.

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