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Business English vocabulary – setting up a business

New businesses are always exciting times for those involved as their plans finally come to fruition and the time of talking is over. What business English vocabulary words could we use to describe “setting up a new business”?

Starting a new business - business English vocabulary words

Setting up a new business – business English vocabulary words

START-UP: A name for a business that has just been established and did not exist previously.

He had had that idea for a long time and decided to commit to “a start-up” rather than buy into an existing business.

SET UP: A phrasal verb that has many uses. However when we are specifically talking about a new business we can use it to describe the initial action.

He set up a business with the help of a loan from his parents and some assistance from his friend.

LAUNCH: A useful verb that can be used in several situations.

The business was launched after a lot of research and a big marketing and advertising campaign.

FORM: A verb used to refer to the legal aspects of setting up a business.

He formed the business as a limited liability company so that he would not be exposed if it failed.

ESTABLISH: quite formal and legalistic with a similar meaning to “form”.

The business was established as a partnership with equal share ownership ( 50/50).

CREATE: Like work of art some businesses are a creation.

He created the business when the recession was at its’ worst. If he could survive that he could survive anything.

English sayings relating to business

There are several English sayings that also refer to business:

To set out your stall – means you display or let people know what you can do.

Offer your services – has a similar meaning so you inform people as to what your business is about.

Get off the ground – to succeed as quickly as possible (for new businesses and start-ups)

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