Advanced Vocabulary With The News

Learn advanced vocabulary with the news. This English lesson is designed to enhance your language skills by providing you with an opportunity to learn advanced English vocabulary in context while improving your reading comprehension and listening skills.

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Advanced English words

Advanced Vocabulary With The News

As you listen to me read an article from The Guardian, you’ll not only be able to hear the proper pronunciation and advanced grammatical structures but also pick up new advanced vocabulary that will help you to sound more fluent in English.

This lesson is ideal for intermediate and advanced learners who wish to improve their English listening comprehension, intonation, and pronunciation, as well as their grammar and overall language skills. It’s a valuable resource for those preparing for IELTS, CAE, TOEFL, or any other advanced English exam.

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to blast off

Meaning: refers to the launch of a rocket or spacecraft


NASA’s rocket is scheduled to blast off at 9 a.m. tomorrow, sending a satellite into orbit around the Earth.

to blow up

Meaning: to explode or cause to explode


The malfunctioning rocket is going to blow up before reaching the intended orbit.

Meaning: to inflate something like a balloon or an air mattress


She had to blow up her bicycle tyre using a hand pump because she couldn’t find a garage nearby.

We blew up a bunch of colourful balloons to decorate the living room for Sarah’s birthday party.


Meaning: to occur or happen in a natural and unplanned way, without being planned


I spontaneously decided to meet my friends for lunch.

Yesterday, I spontaneously decided to go for a walk in the park after work.

Advanced Vocabulary With The News

Advanced vocabulary with the news. Improve English speaking skills. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish

to veer off

Meaning: to suddenly change direction or course, often in an unplanned way


The driver lost control of the car and veered off the motorway, narrowly avoiding a crash.

While driving, if you don’t pay attention to the road, your car might veer off the lane and into the adjacent one.

to disintegrate

Meaning: to break apart or break down into smaller pieces or components, often resulting in a loss of integrity or structure


After sitting in the sun for many years, the old plastic chair began to disintegrate into small pieces.

When the rocket exploded, it disintegrated into many small pieces that fell back to Earth.


Meaning: extremely large or great in size, extent, degree, or significance


Witnessing the thunder and lightning during the storm last night was an immense meteorological experience.

The death of my father had an immense impact on my life, shaping me into the person I am today.

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Meaning: really really big


Organising a music festival is a mammoth task that requires months of planning and preparation.

The construction of the new building was a mammoth task that required a lot of planning and resources.

to gain an approval

Meaning: to receive a positive response from sb in regard to a particular proposal, action, or decision


Before starting any construction work, the building plans need to gain an approval from the local council.


Meaning: a project or enterprise, typically involving some degree of risk or uncertainty


The mission to establish a colony on planet Mars was a bold and risky venture undertaken by the space agency.

Starting a new business can be a risky venture, but with careful planning and execution, it can lead to great success.

Advanced Vocabulary With The News

Advanced vocabulary with the news. Improve English speaking skills. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish

to hint

Meaning: to give a small clue or suggestion about sth without saying it directly


He hinted that he would retire soon, but didn’t give a specific date or any concrete plans.

John hinted to his wife that he wanted to go on a romantic vacation to Hawaii.

to intend

Meaning: to have a plan to do something


I intend to write to the school to complain. That’s my plan.

I intend to study for at least two hours every day to improve my grades.

to wipe out

Meaning: to completely destroy or eliminate something


The teacher used a damp cloth to wipe out the messy chalk marks from the blackboard.

The tsunami wiped out the entire village, leaving nothing but rubble behind.

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to prevent

Meaning: to stop something from happening


Wearing a helmet while cycling can prevent serious head injuries in case of an accident.

The government is taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by promoting social distancing and mandating the use of face masks in public places.

to fail

Meaning: to not succeed in achieving a goal or objective 


I failed my driving test yesterday because I didn’t check my blind spot before changing lanes.

The company’s new product failed to meet customer expectations, resulting in low sales and negative reviews.

to go ahead

Meaning: to proceed or continue with a plan, action or task


The construction of the new building will go ahead as planned, despite objections from some residents in the area.

The team decided to go ahead with the project, even though they knew it would be difficult to complete it on time.

Okay, so that’s our article and those are the words that I highlighted. Hopefully, you get an understanding of the meaning from how I read it, what you should do if you can just read the article a couple of times again, make sure you understand the word to make sure you understand how they use and also listen out for intonation and pronunciation in relation to the words.

And if you’ve enjoyed this and you want to get some more, please let me know and I’ll happily record other articles for you. So this is Harry thanking you and if you need to contact me you can do so on Always happy to hear from you.

And as always remember to join me for the next lesson.

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