20 English Expressions and Idioms with Talk

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Here you will learn 20 English expressions and idioms with talk. british council learn english

Frequently used phrases and idioms with the word TALK with meanings and example sentences. These popular sayings will help you increase your vocabulary and improve your English speaking skills.

List of expressions and idioms with talk

20 English Expressions and Idioms with Talk

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talk sense

◾️ Meaning: to say something reasonable or practical, to show good judgement

I think this is the first time that this politician was talking sense.

talk to yourself

◾️ Meaning: to say out loud what you think

– Sorry, what did you say?

– Nothing, I was just talking to myself.

know what you’re talking about

◾️ Meaning: to have (or to think that you have) a lot of knowledge or experience on a particular subject

John really sounds like he knows what he is talking about, based on decades of experience.

talk the hind leg(s) off a donkey

◾️ Meaning: to talk a lot, usually about unimportant matters; someone talks so much that they could even bore a donkey into sitting down

– You never did know when to keep quiet, did you?

– It runs in the family, my grandmother used to talk the hind legs off a donkey.

talk about lazy / cheap / hungry etc

◾️ Meaning: used for emphasis to say that someone or something is cheap, lazy, etc

Talk about cheap, this is almost embarrassing. If you’re over 63, you get in free as a senior.

I’m talking to you

◾️ Meaning: used when someone is not paying attention to what you’re saying

Young people, I’m talking to you!

be the talk of the town

◾️ Meaning: something or someone that everyone talks about

She’s been the talk of the town at the international fashion show.

be all talk (and no action)

◾️ Meaning: used to describe someone who talks a lot about something but rarely or never does it

When it came to DIY, he was all talk and no action.

talk someone out of something

◾️ Meaning: to persuade someone not to do something

Peter wanted to invest a huge amount of money in stocks but I was able to talk him out of it.

like talking to a brick wall

◾️ Meaning: used to say when someone doesn’t listen to what you say or doesn’t take your opinion into consideration

– Have you spoken with Kate about the house renovation yet? 

– I have. But you know what they are like, it was like talking to a brick wall. 

Like Talking to a Brick Wall Meaning

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20 English Expressions and Idioms with Talk

talk somebody’s head off

◾️ Meaning: to talk to someone for a long time and usually bore someone

I had to stop by my aunt’s place to drop off some papers and she talked my head off.

talk trash

◾️ Meaning: to say rude or offensive things to or about a person or group (American English)

Even if you don’t care what people say or act, don’t just let them talk trash.

talk the talk

◾️ Meaning: to speak confidently about something, to say something that people expect to hear

We often use talk the talk and walk the walk meaning that the person is not prepared to act in a way that agrees with his/her words

In order to deal with environmental issues, you need not only talk the talk but also need to walk the walk.

now you’re talking

◾️ Meaning: used for showing that you agree with what someone’s saying or you agree with their suggestion

– I’ll give you £3,000 for this car.

– Now you’re talking!

look who’s talking

◾️ Meaning: used for emphasis to tell someone that they shouldn’t be criticizing other people for something that you do yourself

– This new girl Jennifer came in late twice this week.

– Look who’s talking! You’re never on time.

20 English Expressions and Idioms with Talk

20 English Expressions and Idioms with Talk. Improve English speaking skills with Harry at www.englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish #englishlessons #tienganh #EnglishTeacher #vocabulary #ingles #อังกฤษ #английский #aprenderingles #english #cursodeingles #учианглийский #vocabulário #dicasdeingles #learningenglish #ingilizce #englishgrammar #englishvocabulary #ielts #idiomas

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talk nineteen to the dozen

◾️ Meaning: to talk very fast without stopping

Sue talks nineteen to the dozen, so just give her the right amount of conversation if you don’t want to die of boredom.

talk in riddles

◾️ Meaning: to talk in a strange and confusing way

I hate talking to their customer service. They talk in riddles and don’t answer my questions.

talk tough

◾️ Meaning: to speak in a way that conveys someone is strong, aggressive, or intimidating 

I hate when people talk tough behind my back but don’t say anything when confronted.

talk shop

◾️ Meaning: to discuss work, especially in a way that is boring for other people

It’s time to stop talking shop. Who wants to get a bite to eat?

talk a blue streak

◾️ Meaning: used to describe someone who speaks very fast and endlessly (American English) = talk nineteen to the dozen

When she gets home she talks a blue streak about who did this or that.

20 English Expressions and Idioms with Talk

20 English Expressions and Idioms with Talk. Improve English speaking skills with Harry at www.englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish #englishlessons #tienganh #EnglishTeacher #vocabulary #ingles #อังกฤษ #английский #aprenderingles #english #cursodeingles #учианглийский #vocabulário #dicasdeingles #learningenglish #ingilizce #englishgrammar #englishvocabulary #ielts #idiomas

talk through your hat

◾️ Meaning: to talk about something that you don’t really understand

He was talking through his hat when he said things were getting better.

talk smack

◾️ Meaning: to make insulting or bad comments to someone, especially to sporting opponents or rivals

Halfway through the game, he started talking smack to the players from the sideline.

talk to the hand

◾️ Meaning: used to tell someone that you don’t want to listen to them so they may as well talk to your hand = shut up

Talk to the hand! I’m not paying for this.

talk (some) sense into somebody

◾️ Meaning: to persuade somebody to behave in a reasonable way

Hopefully, after she had cooled down, mum would be able to talk some sense into her.

talk turkey

◾️ Meaning: to have a serious discussion, especially in business (American English)

Politicians should stop avoiding the topic and start talking turkey. british council learn english

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