10 Verbs to Describe Reading in English

Learn 10 verbs to describe reading in English, important vocabulary that will boost your speaking and writing skills.

These verbs are essential whether you’re preparing for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, or CAE, or just want to improve your English. 

Perfect for anyone looking to take their English to the next level and sound more like a native speaker. Improve your English vocabulary, enhance your language skills, and master these essential verbs for better English proficiency.

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Essential English Verbs

Verbs to Describe Reading in English

In today’s lesson, we’re focusing on 10 essential verbs to describe reading in English. These verbs will help you improve your conversational English, business English, and overall language skills.

Understanding these verbs will enhance your vocabulary and comprehension, whether you’re flicking through a magazine or poring over a document.

Let’s dive into these helpful reading verbs and see how they can improve your English skills.

to flick through something

Meaning: to quickly turn the pages of a book or magazine without reading it thoroughly


While waiting for the doctor, he flicked through a stack of magazines in the waiting room.

She flicked through the recipe book, looking for something quick to make for dinner.

to glance

Meaning: to take a quick look at something


She glanced at the headlines quickly while checking the news.

When he saw the documents left on his desk, he glanced at them to see what they were about.

Verbs to Describe Reading in English

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to look through

Meaning: to examine something by searching within it, often by sorting or scanning the contents


I don’t have time right now, but I’ll look through this document later.

I’ll look through the CVs to check if the candidates have the credentials we need.

to browse

Meaning: to casually look through something, such as books or websites, often without a specific goal in mind


Harry’s favourite pastime is browsing in a bookshop, finding interesting books to read.

Browsing in a bookstore often leads to finding unexpected treasures.

Many people spend hours browsing the internet for interesting articles and videos.

to scan

Meaning: to quickly look over a text to find specific information or get the main idea


Harry quickly scans the document for grammar mistakes as soon as he gets it.

When practising speed reading, it’s important to scan the text for key points and main ideas.

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to devour

Meaning: to read something eagerly and quickly, with great interest 


She devoured the mystery novel, finishing it in just a few hours.

If the book is a page-turner, I will devour it from cover to cover in one sitting.

to pore over

Meaning: to read or examine something very carefully and attentively


He’s been poring over those accounts for hours now, trying to find the mistake.

She pored over her notes, making sure she understood everything for the test.

to skim (over/through)

Meaning: to read quickly through a text to get the main ideas without focusing on the details


I skimmed over them quickly last night. I have a general idea of what they are about.

I skimmed through the article to get the main points.

Verbs to Describe Reading in English

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to riffle (through)

Meaning: to quickly flip through the pages of a book or stack of papers, often to get a general sense of the contents


She riffled through the document to find the specific page she needed.

He riffled through the stack of magazines, looking for something interesting to read.

to study

Meaning: to read carefully and thoroughly in order to learn and understand information


I need to study the chapter on photosynthesis in my biology textbook.

She spent the evening studying the chemistry formulas for her exam.

So here you have 10 verbs to describe reading in English. Mastering these essential verbs will greatly enhance your English vocabulary and comprehension. These verbs will help you express yourself better in casual and professional settings.

Keep practising these verbs, and soon you’ll notice a significant improvement in your English skills.

If you have any questions or need more examples, feel free to contact me at englishlessonviaskype.com.

Happy learning!

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