10 Advanced Adjectives To Describe Places

Learn advanced adjectives to describe places and build your vocabulary.

These adjectives will help you take your English speaking to a different level. Advanced vocabulary words will also help you get better results in English proficiency tests (CAE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc)

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List of English adjectives

10 Advanced Adjectives To Describe Places

In this particular lesson, we’re looking at advanced adjectives. And in particular, advanced adjectives to describe places.

Different places out and about. These descriptive English adjectives will help you easily express your thoughts and opinions when you want to describe a place.

I’ll give you the adjectives and then I’ll give you an example of how we use them. 

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Meaning: huge, it spreads in every direction


London is a vast city, you couldn’t possibly see it in three days. You really need to come two or three times.

London is a vast metropolis. It takes hours to drive from the south side to the north side.


Meaning: very private, hidden away from the public


The hotel is located away from any main town, it is in a secluded spot.

Many celebrities enjoy a tranquil life in a secluded residence outside of the city.

10 Advanced Adjectives To Describe Places

Top advanced adjectives to describe places in English. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. #learnenglishnglish


Meaning: extremely impressive


The Grand Canyon was so awe-inspiring that even Peter was speechless.

It was an awe-inspiring view on the top of a mountain with the sun shining on the snow-covered slopes.


Meaning: spreading over a wide area


Adam was standing at the window looking down on the sprawling city.

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Meaning: in bad condition and in need of repair


The roof was falling in. The windows were broken. No one had lived in the ramshackle house for years.

Many people live in ramshackle slums with little access to water and nutrition.

It takes creative vision to go and view a ramshackle property and imagine a beautiful house in its place.


Meaning: unusual and attractive


It is a quaint little village with lots of cobbled streets to explore.


Meaning: there are too many people living there


The city of Dublin is a little bit overpopulated, there are not enough properties for people to live in.

Countries like the Netherlands can often be described as somewhat overpopulated.


Meaning: cold, uninviting, not so attractive


To many, the city may seem like a bleak place to live in winter.

10 Advanced Adjectives To Describe Places

Top advanced adjectives to describe places in English. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. #learnenglishnglish


Meaning: very busy or full of activity


New York sometimes can be described as a really hectic city because it’s constantly on the go.


Meaning: beautiful and peaceful to look at

  • scenic view
  • scenic route


Spanning 2,500 km, this scenic route will take you through the coastal roads of 6 counties.

Alright, so we’ve got 10 advanced adjectives describing different places.

Let me give them to you one more time:

  • vast
  • secluded
  • awe-inspiring
  • sprawling
  • ramshackle
  • quaint
  • overpopulated
  • bleak
  • hectic
  • scenic

Try to practice them in your daily English speaking.

Have a look at some books or pictures and try to see if you can match these advanced adjectives with the pictures that you look at.

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As always, really appreciate it when you join me. Join me again soon.

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