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Let’s speak about money in English

It was the Eurovision song contest on Saturday 13th May 2017. One of the most famous winners ever were ABBA from Sweden. One of their great songs was “money money money”. There are lots of phrases and idioms and sayings involving money.

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Such as:

Cash is king  – when you have cash in your hand or pocket you feel like a king!

Money is the root of all evil – money corrupts people and is usually at the beginning of arguments and problems.

There are many ways nowadays to pay for goods and services. In some countries they are trying hard to take cash out of the system and encourage other ways of paying (Sweden for example) whilst in other countries (Germany) using a credit card is not so easy. Many restaurants prefer cash only!

So cash in the pocket is still a preferred option but the use of Debit Cards and Credit Cards is spreading. A debit card deducts the payment immediately from your account whilst the credit card is a form of borrowing with payment deferred (paid later).

When buying anything substantial always ask for a receipt as this will provide you with proof of payment if there is something wrong with the goods. In business people will request payment for services by issuing an invoice. This states the amount due and when payment is expected. This is also useful for tax returns. When we go to a café or restaurant before leaving we ask for the bill.

We then pay at the cash register as we leave by using cash or cards as mentioned above.Soon however we will be given no choice and the advances in technology will make payment by card or via your smart phone the preferred payment method for everyone in the years to come.

When paying by cash remember it gives you a great opportunity to ask for a “cash discount” (a reduction for paying in cash). It doesn’t always work but it feels good when it does!

When you go on holidays particularly to places such as Turkey, Morocco and Asia the street traders expect you to bargain, haggle and negotiate (try to get the price reduced) the price. Indeed they are disappointed if you don’t.

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