In modern business giving a good presentation is one of the best marketing and PR tools you have. The main purpose of any presentation, written, oral or visual, is to communicate to your target audience the most important information in a simple, effective and accurate way. In this high-tech world it is difficult to find a person who has never in his life seen at least one presentation. Making a presentation can be challenging enough if you are doing it in your native language. It is much more difficult to make a presentation in English. It is important to carry out thorough planning, review how well the information is presented in English and plan to manage the attention of the audience. On top of that you need to speak fluently in English, use the correct business English vocabulary and grammar.

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English for presentations – Who is this course suitable for?

Presentation in English is an essential part of modern business English. Our special course “English for presentations” is intended for those ESL students who work in the field of business and have business relationships:

  • business leaders
  • economists
  • financiers
  • accountants
  • managers
  • lawyers
  • PR specialists
  • marketing and advertising executives
  • university students