“I decided to try English Skype lessons despite being very skeptical about this idea at the start. So far I had 10 one-to-one English conversation lessons and I have to admit that my English is really getting better. My vocabulary in English increased. I am more confident using grammatical structures. I noticed that language barrier is gone, I am not afraid to speak English anymore and I can easily find the right words to express myself. Thank you!”

NiklasBusiness Analyst

“I’m just starting to work in an international company where most of communication is in English. I found English learning by Skype very useful. I am delighted with the price of the lessons and good quality learning materials. I love to learn independently, and English Skype lessons are the best solution for me.”

AnnaFront Office Manager

“Taking on average 2 English Skype lessons per week, I was able to achieve 7.5 in my IELTS exam and receive an invitation for an internship at the German University. Sophisticated lesson structure allows to master Englsih language skills (spoken and written and also grammar) and gradually encourages you to think in English. “


“Skype English lessons helped me not only learn the necessary exam theory, but also learn how to apply it in practice. An individual approach to each student, optimised learning plan helped me to pass my IELTS exam the first time. I found mock exam very helpful as it gave me a chance to feel the exam format and allowed me to be confident in English.”

NatalyaOperational Administrator

“I really enjoyed my Skype English lessons with Harry. Interesting activities and individual approach really make a difference. There was never lack of learning materials. English conversation topics are always interesting, and I always feel relaxed during the lessons. Harry pays a lot of attention to the words I use in my spoken English, and always offers new synonyms for a variety of speech. He seems to be genuinely interested in the English language, and I am always in good mood after my lesson.”

TimeaAccounts Executive

“I am working in a multinational company. I had to improve my English quickly as I wanted to achieve professional success. After 6 months of Skype English lessons I could make a presentation in English for our foreign customers. As a result I was promoted and now lead an international team.”

PawelCustomer Operations Team Lead