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We offer quality English lessons by Skype to students of all ages. Our online school gives you an opportunity to learn English from home (or office) in a friendly and fun environment.

All online English lessons are held with teachers who are University graduates or TEFL qualified and are native speakers, meaning English is their first language.

We offer a variety of English language courses online: conversational English, preparation for IELTS (or TOEFL, TOEIC, CAE, FCE, PET), business English, job interview in English, English for presentations. Teaching methods in our Skype English school are based on the communicative approach (or communicative language teaching – CLT). This successful learning technique was developed in the 1970s, and is now being widely used in language learning. By using this method students learn real English, they are able to think in a foreign language, and express their thoughts without difficulties.

We encourage our students to achieve specific goals, not just learn the language. Latest technologies have enabled our native teachers to make English lessons by Skype even more effective. No two people are the same. Our online courses are designed individually for each student, taking into account their needs and level of English.

What are the benefits of English lessons by Skype?

Learning English by Skype is available to everyone

Learning English by Skype is available to everyone

The internet blurs the boundaries, and now every person can learn English online with professional native teachers. All you need is to connect your computer to the internet, start Skype and begin your lesson.

Save money studying English online

Save money studying English online

English lessons by Skype are more cost-effective than traditional lessons in language schools or with a personal tutor. In addition, you do not need to spend money on travel, you can have Skype lessons whenever it suits you.

Take English Skype lessons wherever you are

Take English Skype lessons wherever you are

If you live in a small town or rural area, it might be tricky to find a native speaker close to you, or to enroll for an English language course.

Individual learning plans

English Skype lessons have individuals learning plans

During one to one Skype lesson you have 100% of your teacher’s attention, while in the group it is usually oriented to the weakest students.

Effective learning

Learning English by Skype is effective

The fact that the teacher is not sitting next to you during your online English class significantly reduces stress and fear of making mistakes.

5 reasons to book English Skype lessons with us

  • Professional Tutors

    Our native teachers are qualified and experienced professionals.

  • Engaging lessons

    Do you imagine a boring lesson with memorizing dialogues and repeating after the teacher? You are wrong! English lessons by Skype with us are based on a dialogue between teacher and student, our main goal is to help you learn English properly and naturally. In most of the lessons you will be learning how to express your thoughts in English on various subjects, answer questions and have a lively dialogue with a real person – your teacher.

  • Interesting topics & tasks

    We take into account the individual characteristics of each student, and help them to overcome the difficulties. In our Skype English school teachers pick the topics and tasks, which will be interesting to you. Topics you like to talk about will also help you in to achieve better results in learning.

  • Optimised learning plan

    We think outside the box and try to match the language course to your needs.  We closely monitor your progress during your online English classes and optimize the learning plan to meet your expectations.

  • Advanced use of technology

    We make the most of Skype instant messaging during the online lesson. Your teacher corrects mistakes, suggests an appropriate word or phrase for a particular situation, all information is recorded in the chat. This way, you will automatically have all lesson notes in your archive.

English lessons by Skype are a great way to achieve your goals! Take an advantage of the free trial lesson now.