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In our online English School:

  1. learning English by Skype is affordable, effective and fun
  2. all native English teachers are qualified and have years of experience
  3. all online English lessons are flexible – learn wherever YOU are, whenever YOU want

Individual Plans

Everyone learns differently this is why our Skype English lessons are tailored to your learning needs.

Price and Quality

Learning English on Skype with us is a great value for money. You will get quality online lessons at affordable price.

Learning Materials

We use advanced learning techniques and modern teaching materials to make your Skype English lessons fun and motivational.

Meet Our Native English Teachers

Hello. My name is Harry! I am a native English speaker. I hold a TEFL certificate in teaching English as a foreign language and I have over 6 years teaching experience.

Hi, my name is Helen. I studied at Staffordshire and Manchester University, where i graduated with a BA Hons Degree in Childhood Studies.

My name is Michelle. I was born in Manchester I am a native English speaker. I am TEFL qualified and have experience of teaching ESL students …

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Join our online English school and try our free trial lesson to have a look at what Skype English Lessons we are offering. Just click on the big red button below and fill in the request form! 

Skype English Lessons - Intermediate English, Advanced English

How to speak English fluently?

Nowadays, the  English language has become increasingly important. Business, science, technology, music and many other fields widely use the English language for communication.

Did you know that three quarters of the world’s mail is written in English? Being able to speak fluent English allows you to communicate in numerous countries. Fluency in English also opens a whole range of exciting career opportunities. According to statistics over 1 billion people are currently learning English as a second language.

Do you want to follow them and achieve your English learning goals?

So, where do you start if you want to improve your English skills and speak fluent English?

English Lessons via Skype

Modern technologies are part of our everyday lives. We do banking online, we talk on the internet and play games, so why can’t we take English language lessons online? Online learning is rapidly growing in popularity, and language learning online is certainly here to stay. Skype English lessons allow you to improve your English skills wherever and whenever you want. Online English language learning is also a great way to save money and use your free time more efficiently.

  • English language lessons via Skype are cheaper
  • You don’t waste time travelling to and from English language school
  • You can learn English via Skype from anywhere in the world
  • You can also learn at a pace you are comfortable with


English Lessons via Skype Learning Materials for online English Lessons

Our Skype English Lessons

Skype English lessons helped me not only learn the necessary exam theory, but also learn how to apply it in practice. An individual approach to each student  … >>>

Student N taking English Skype lessons


Operations Administrator

I am working in a multinational company. I had to improve my English quickly as I wanted to achieve professional success. After 6 months of Skype English lessons I could make … >>>

Student learning English by Skype


Customer Service Team Lead

I really enjoyed my Skype English lessons with Harry. Interesting activities and individual approach really make a difference. There was never lack of learning … >>>

Student T learning English by Skype


Accounts Executive
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